Tom Bolger

Tom Bolger, host of Saturday afternoon’s Tunes with Tom program, began his broadcast career in 1951 on WRTC in Hartford, Connecticut. WRTC was affiliated with Trinity College. The station was what they called a “wired meant that the statiwireless” which on actually broadcast on airwaves and wasn’t restricted to the confines of the college’s campus. […]

Casey the K

Live in Madison, Wisconsin. Married, with two adult children and two wonderful dogs. When I am not doing radio shows, I enjoy spending time with my family and the dogs, writing spoof commercials and radio dramas, recording and producing music at Trailing Edge Studios, woodworking, working on electronic projects, playing trombone, and spending time at […]

James Copeland

James Copeland is sometimes the youngest member of the WLHA air staff, although his knowledge of baby boomer era trivia might say otherwise. He travels the country full time in a period 1975 Winnebago Indian motor home and informs listeners what broke during the past week on his show. He also plays Mrs. Miller every […]

Stan Lewis

A native Madisonian, my interest in radio broadcasting began as a listener to the big Top 40 personalities at WOKY, WLS, WIND and local WISM. At age 12 I soldered together a small one tube phono oscillator AM Transmitter Kit. I connected it to a wire out my bedroom window into the backyard with nearby […]

Nivek Extravaganza

I grew up in Milwaukee listening to Fritz the Plumber on WMIL and Bob Berry on WOKY, so my musical tastes are varied. I collect 78 RPM records of everything from marches to jazz. When I’m not doing radio on the Big 64 or manning the local missile silo, I like to camp, swim and […]

The Radio Doctor

Brian Carter (“Slide Carter the Radio Doctor”) is a WLHA alumnus, first appearing on the air with “Rockin Bob” Schwoch on a combined evening shift in 1979. A native Hoosier, Brian grew up in the suburbs of Chicago where he was exposed to some of the best radio talent in the country. Listening to WLS, […]

Deke Duncan

It was 1955 and, aged ten, I found my calling!… After hearing Heartbreak Hotel by the the man with the strange name ( Elvis was an odd name, at least to British ears,) but the music was just amazing. It was to be the foundation of my life. By the age of sixteen, I had […]

Motown Monday

I grew up listening to some great Motown and Soul pumping out of radio stations in the Washington D.C. area.  The amazing dance driving rhythm sections, horn lines, passionate lyrics, and tight vocal harmonies of this fun music is part of my musical DNA, and this one hour, commercial-free, show is a genuine highlight of […]

Andy Arns

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Andy grew up hearing great midwest rock radio.  The influence of WOKY, WRIT, WZUU, CKLW, WLS, and WCFL left an indelible imprint on Andy.  When he came to U.W. Wisconsin in 1973, he discovered WLHA, immediately joined the staff and put his radio enthusiasm and encyclopedic music knowledge to good […]

Music and Malarkey in the Morning

          The WLHA morning show, “Music and Malarkey in the Morning,”  heard M-F 7 AM to 10 AM, is hosted by best friends who have been broadcast buddies since the 1970s.  Casey and Nivek started doing radio together at WLHA in 1972, when they were at the University of Wisconsin in […]