Jingles and IDs , Part II, Creations of the 1970s

Part II of the Jingles and IDs is a compilation of as many station ID carts and jingles as we could find. The job of creating new IDs and all of the various promos, LHA movie spots and other pre-recorded elements was the role of the Production Director, so the voices on the majority of the station audio production during the 1970s was done by the usual suspects: Casey, Nivek, Andy Arns and T. Baer but you will also hear IDs by Kurt Dawson, Ted Priebe, Dave Heise, Capt. Jack, Crazy Nancy, Wild Bruce, and Ted Kelly and others. The college streaking craze made it into station IDs in 1972 . A new yearly ryme station identifier became standard starting with "The Place to Be in '73" until it got entirely too contrived to try to rhyme "77" with anything relevant. (Musical Heaven in 77 never really caught on) By then, "The Big 64, had firmly morphed into "Lakeshore 64" as a preferred station identifier and this was sometimes extended with "Always Making Waves" This collection includes the various updates to the original 1960s era professional a capella jingles skillfully accomplished by layering them over music beds.