Lakeshore Late (Friday Night Jazz)

Friday nights are jazz nights on WLHA. After a long week of rocking hard on The Big 64, when Friday evening arrives we like to change gears, kick back and program a five hour cruise through musical moods fueled by seamlessly smooth segues that transition to a soft and dreamy descent to touch down at […]

RJ Reynolds

Need some great music and a friendly voice to wind down your day?  RJ Reynolds is our “Pilot of the Airways” for late nights, Wednesday and Thursday.  

Classical Sunrise

Starting our Sunday early morning programming with Classical music is a WLHA tradition dating back to the 1960s.  The host of Classical Sunrise is “Rockin’ Tom MacDonald” who also hosts the Saturday afternoon “Retro Rockin’ Saturday” show.  Tom is going back to his Classical Music roots for this show.  He used to host the Sunday […]

Kurt Dawson

Kurt Dawson grew up in Fond du Lac and Appleton, Wisconsin. He grew up listening to faraway stations on his AM radio and still has the QSL cards to prove it! He also grew up what would today be called a “weather geek”, and wound up attending UW-Madison with a major in the university’s acclaimed […]

Peter Bolger

While attending UW-Madison, Peter began working part-time  at WIBA-FM, then known as “Radio Free Madison”, one of the first “Progressive Rock” stations  in the country. Over the next 5 decades, Peter held a variety of on-air and programming positions, in rock, classic rock, news, talk and sports,  in Madison, Portland, Miami, San Antonio and Chicago.  […]

WLHA Comedy Hour

The WLHA Comedy Hour features cuts from the classic comedy albums of the 1960’s and 70’s.  You will hear comedy stars like Bob Newhart, George Carlin and Bill Cosby plus some of the forgotten greats of the era.  We also include some UK comedy from the likes of Monty Python and The Goon Show.  On […]

Peter Jay

Avid Listener of the Big 64  . . . . . .  BE THERE! Graduate of UW-Platteville Radio/TV Broadcasting where I met and went to school with Casey thee K and Tom Reading Weeden. Disco era club DJ Sports Television Engineer (still working). Lover of the music we grew up with and Midwest Bands in […]

American Cafe w/Dan Smith

Dan Smith began his radio career listening to his transistor radio under his pillow to everything from Wolfman Jack to the folk music program from the University of Michigan. Later he would work in college radio at Michigan State and had the briefest of careers at KPIK in Colorado Springs, where the big hit was […]

Lee Harris

Lee Harris first got on the air at age 13 doing “SchoolScope” reports for his hometown radio station on Long Island. Upon arrival at UW he headed straight for WLHA and has never really left despite years of working on the air in Chicago, Phoenix, St. Louis and for the last 30 years or so […]