WSUM Survives Another WLHA Resurrection Reunion Weekend

Wacky vintage college DJs can find it a challenge to revive long disused skills, like turning down the pot (potentiometer!) before a vinyl album starts playing the next track over their backsell.  And this new fangled computer technology can be quite a chore to figure out.   Hence the Resurrection Reunion Board of Directors is seriously contemplating originating next years RRW from a replica of the 1970’s era WLHA studio consisting of 2 turntables, 2 cart machines and a microphone.   It was good enough then so its probably good enough now when you get right down to it.

Still a good time was had by all including, we’d like to think, the listeners.   Thanks again to WSUM and our sponsor Dr. Mishkin for allowing us to pirate the airwaves for 64 hours of some of the most eclectic programming this side of Radio Uzbekistan.

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Lee Harris

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