Aircheck Collections

aircheckYour searches of attics and closets has turned up a rich treasure trove of WLHA program recordings. Special thanks should go to the German Press Review for providing the weekly shipments of 5" German Information reels that so many of you recycled to record your programs originally. These tapes have held up remarkably well over the decades. Where sufficient material from a single announcer is available we have created collections by DJ. Where only short bits are available, we have pooled the recordings into larger and more varied collections. Some of these recordings had full length music intact. In order to avoid the rath of the RIAA and the fees they would impose on us, we have elected to present all airchecks in "telescoped" form, with music edited down to short intros and endings. This collection continues to grow as new caches of tape get discovered. For better or for worse. Here they are.

aircheck2UPDATE: We are working on an updated presentation of these long format audio recordings and unfortunately the full collection is not available for playback at this time. In the meantime, please see the Voices of WLHA collection which is a compilation of short segments.