WLHA video from 1990

Collection of interviews (and outer views too) about WLHA shot in the dorms and down at the station back in 1990.

WLHA Halloween Broadcast Promo

John Miller shot some video of one of the 2010 Halloween broadcast and made it into a promo.

WLHA April Fool's Broadcast

Here are the "highlights" of our April Fool's radio/tv simulcast. You can select any individual segment or just hit the play button and let the whole thing roll...

Trivia Marathon - Raw Footage

Some of this is a little dark, but, as they say, all antiquity is obscure.

WLHA Trivia Marathon 1979

From WMTV Newscene 15, Chris Kucha reports on the festivities.

Andy Arns - 1975

Here's Andy Arns, signing on WLHA circa 1975.