The Unclassifiable Production Collection

The Production Studio at WLHA was used to create some pretty off-the-wall programs and production bits that don't exactly fit any of our regular categories. Floozy News and Orientation Tips, for example. Some productions started out as Comm Arts projects, recorded in the WLHA Production Studio and aired as special features.

1963 Events - This was done for a 1960s Revival Weekend. Voiced by Tim Brickner in 1976

Aliens have landed in Milwaukee, but don't be alarmed, it is all part of a Comm Arts project that Dennis Krause created.

Andy Arns Christmas Greeting.

Capt. Jack Christmas Greeting.

Casey the K Christmas Greeting.

Crazy Nancy Christmas Greeting.

Excerpt from Nancy Drew. Adapted for radio by Pat Stanton. Recorded 1972. Pat Stanton, Ken Rabolt, Dick Bruss, Kevin Ruppert, and Kevin Peckham.

Insight was a Comm Arts project that Andy Arns was involved with.

Joel Dresang rant about pronunciation of "Nuclear."

The Karl and Steve Show. These guys made us laugh during the '73-'74 school year with their "two-headed mop" ad, Nostalgia Corner, and visits to "Captain Aardvark."

Astronomy Lecture Series, Dennis Krause.

Bob Reed Sportsline focuses on the line up of the WLHA Kilohertz softball team

Kevin Ruppert Christmas Greeting.

Yet another Comm Arts project that was done at WLHA. This one was set a few years into the future and focuses on the threat of nuclear war. Norm Lorenz was the writer and one of the voices. Kevin Peckham was drafted to play the part of the top 40 radio announcer from the future.

Orientation Tip - Be Wary of Mendota Ducks, Andy Arns.

Orientation Tip - Res Halls Food, A Word to the Wise, Dave Bornstein.

Twelfth of Never promo, Andy Arns.

Wild Bruce as Santa, Christmas Greeting.

Coitus Connection, Sue Tibbits created this X-Rated, too-hot-for-broadcast, audio production.