Buy a Mercedes Get WLHA Free

Mercedes Benz makes fine automobiles but they are bit on the pricey side.  However there are some nice features and options including a great WLHA integration via Apple CarPlay.  In the example above from a 2024 C300 we see that you are reminded of WLHA every time you check the speedometer.  You can also see […]

Happy World Radio Day

From Talkers Magazine: Today (2/13) is the 13th annual celebration of World Radio Day – proclaimed an official “international day” by the United Nations in 2011 and facilitated each year by UNESCO. For last minute ideas and suggestions in taking advantage of the opportunity to acknowledge the medium of radio’s colorful past, present and future please click here. While you’re […]

Charlie Brown is Gone

Here is a message WLHA Program Director Casey the K passed along to our staff earlier this week: Chuck Bader = Charlie Brown (1967 – 77) has passed away from heart failure.  Charlie’s health has been tenuous for the past several years and whenever he called me would warn me not to count on him […]

Set an Alexa Alarm for WLHA

You can now tell Alexa to wake you up to WLHA.  It’s very easy – just say “Alexa set an alarm for WLHA”.  Alexa will then ask what time you want the alarm to go off and which days of the week.  You can get very precise about that.  That’s all there is to it.  […]

WLHA on Your Apple Watch

There’s an app called Streamlets that can turn you into a Lakeshore 64 version of Dick Tracy.  It plays WLHA (and some other stations, but who cares) right on your Apple Watch.  The sound is surprisingly good considering the tiny speaker in the Apple Watch.  Behold: Does anyone actually need to listen to WLHA on […]

WLHA Recommends

Thanks to our fine sponsors at Omega Mart who recently sent us a sample of their excellent Nut Free Salted Peanuts just in time for Halloween.  Great for all those kids with nut allergies.  (Note: May contain peanuts).  Check out the full line of Omega Mart products here.

Lakeys Update

WLHA’s weekly Friday Night Live show, in addition to providing great music, humorous banter, and sometimes truly unexpected entertainment, it is now home to a prestigious honor – the all new WLHA LAKEY AWARD (pronounced like the body of water with an “E” at the end).  Yes, other organizations have their GRAMMYs, TONYs, and EMMYs, […]

WLHA on Google Home

We didn’t actually know anyone who owns one of these things, but apparently some people do, so we wanted to be there!  Now we are.  To hear WLHA on your Google Home device just utter one of the following phrases: Ok Google, Ask WLHA Radio to play Ok Google, Speak to WLHA Radio Ok Google, […]

WLHA Back on BBC Radio 5 Live

Radio 5 invited Casey and Deke back for a look back at 2020 and also a look ahead to what Deke and WLHA have in store for the new year. When it comes to American radio there is no question that the BBC counts on WLHA to “be there” when they call. Listen to the […]

WLHA Welcomes Tom Bolger

WLHA is proud to welcome to our air staff Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Famer Tom Bolger. Tom is a broadcast leader whose career with Wisconsin based Forward Communications Corporation, parent of six television and ten radio stations, spanned 30 years. He was President and General Manager of WMTV, Madison, 1963-1980, Forward’s Chief Operating Officer, 1980-84 […]