WLHA Scavenger Hunt Items

WLHA Resurrection Reunion Weekend Scavenger Hunt Items

Obsolete Media Scavenger Hunt Items

 10 points each, 100 points total plus 25 bonus = 120 points possible

Reel of recording tape – 10 points, plus 5 bonus points if it is a 3” reel.

Mini-disc – 10 points

45 rpm 7” record – 10 points , plus 5 points bonus if it is color (kids record is OK)

8-Track cartridge – 10 points

10” Disco Single – 10 points, plus 5 points bonus if colored vinyl

78 rpm record – 10 points

Audio Cassette – 10 points

Betamax tape – 10 points

3.5” floppy disc – 10 points    5 point bonus for a 5” floppy

Mini-VHS or DV-cassette – 10 points

Woodstock Generation Scavenger Hunt Items  10 points ea. = 100 possible

A button with a peace sign on it

Mood Ring

Duncan Yo Yo

Any leather fringed clothing

love beads (not Mardi Gra Beads)

clip-on tie

A removable pop top from a pop or beer can

A Buffalo nickel

white tennis ball

45 rpm record from Buddah or Capital label

Obsolete Technology Scavenger Hunt  10 Points Each = 100 total possible



Portable (battery operated) AM radio

Rabbit ears (or any sort of TV antenna)

Madison newspaper from 2016 or earlier

Anything printed on a dot matrix printer

Parallel printer cable

Flip cell phone

A cartridge film camera (Instamatic or similar)

A polaroid photo

General Scavenger Hunt items

Any telephone book from any year before 2015

Encyclopedia (in book form)

Any U.W. team program

Any sports bobble head

A button with a “Have a Nice Day” happy face

Old expired drivers license from 2010 or before

Any pennant, program or other souvenir from Madison Minor League Baseball team except current

a pack of matches with green tips

anything Ronco

Any Indianna Jones movie video tape, DVD, poster, or promotional merchandise

Hidden Capsules are worth 50 bonus points each

Listen for location clues to be read on the radio at 91.7 FM, WSUM


Collect as many items as you can find for each of the the scavenger hunts and bring them down to WSUM before 9 PM on Sunday July 9th when we total the points and award the prizes.

We will award a prize for highest points for each scavenger hunt, and also a prize for highest points overall.


Email us at wlharadio@gmail.com for further instructions.


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Lee Harris