New Date – Halloween Show will be Fri. Oct. 28th

For the past seven years, WLHA veterans have gathered together and streamed a WLHA Halloween show live from Madison, and we are gearing up to do it again.   As usual, this will be “Radio You Can Watch” with HD video coverage of all that happens so you can watch and snicker at us from the privacy and convenience of your laptop or portable device.   And exactly what sort of stuff happens at these WLHA Halloween themed events?

Well in previous shows, we have had:

Live cold copy reading contests involving tongue twister loving sponsors

Live music from live musicians singing parody songs with WLHA associated lyrics.

Seance sessions holding hands in a darkened room around a vintage WLHA turntable playing spooky music to raise the sleepy spirits of long lost WLHA jocks.

Live remotes from far flung WLHA staffers on assignment in Europe and Asia.

Spooky WLHA radio dramas starring WLHA jocks playing themselves in college days

And all the regular WLHA stuff including Poetry Corners, Capt. Al Eye In The Sky Guy traffic helicopter reports, “interesting” sponsors, Win Your Own Luggage contests, Lee Harris newscasts, and lots of other signature WLHA programming.

And this year we might do something even more spectacular and entertaining that we have NEVER EVER DONE BEFORE.  In fact, the fun could get so intense that we might just crank up the H.U.M. into the danger zone.  And nobody can predict what might happen then…..  It migh just be amazing.

To find out, you should circle Fri. Oct. 28th 2016 on your calendar and start making plans to join us if you can, because we love it when WLHA folks join in to BE THERE with us.

Stay tuned to this radio station website for more details as the big date approaches and don’t be afraid.  Like Andy Arns, we mean no harm.


Note:  The 2016 Halloween Show was originally announced for Sat. Oct. 29th but this date is a conflict with a home Badger Football night game.  We don’t want you to have to choose between two awesome events, so we are moving ours up to Friday Oct. 28th.

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