WLHA Welcomes Tom Bolger

WLHA is proud to welcome to our air staff Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Famer Tom Bolger.

Tom is a broadcast leader whose career with Wisconsin based Forward Communications Corporation, parent of six television and ten radio stations, spanned 30 years. He was President and General Manager of WMTV, Madison, 1963-1980, Forward’s Chief Operating Officer, 1980-84 and Chief Executive, 1984-85. He was Joint Board Chairman of National Association of Broadcasters in 1979-81 and President of Wisconsin Broadcasters Association in 1983-84.

Tom will be on air Saturdays, from 1 PM to 3 PM, doing a series of special programs of popular music of the 1950s based on a show that he did in his college radio days. This was about the same time that WLHA was first going on the air (it was WMHA in those days).

Tom will be doing this show live from his home and he will be playing actual vinyl (shellac?) records using one of our twin turntable remote packages.  This will lead into Tom MacDonalds Retro Rockin’ Saturday show focused on music from the 50’s and 60’s, so we will have a nostalgic music block from 1 PM to 6PM each Saturday. 

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Lee Harris

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  1. Excited to hear DJ Tom Bolger. What a great story of passion for music and broadcast. Tom is the Energizer Bunny of broadcast. Bravo, Tom!

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