WLHA Goes to Woodstock

Well to Bethel, NY anyway. That’s where the festival actually took place 50 years ago. Our Lee Harris will be in Bethel this Sunday morning with a sample of all the acts that took the stage, including the ones that are totally forgotten today like Bert Sommer and Sweetwater. He’ll also be looking for superannuated hippies to talk about their experiences rolling around in the mud. Stay away from the brown acid and listen from 7am to 10am this Sunday morning, man.

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Lee Harris

Lee Harris

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  1. For a little musical perspective on the Summer of 1969, tune in Friday evening from 6 PM to 10 PM central. Casey will be showcasing the music and groups that were hot on Midwest U.S. radio and why some were, and others were not on the stage at Woodstock.

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