Deke Duncan: Suitable for Framing

This work of art featuring our own Deke Duncan was found on, which describes itself as a website that narrates reality with illustrations, where illustrators and correspondent illustrators draw current events that they consider most relevant, with the intention of remembering, reflecting and stopping for 24 hours on a topic, an idea, isolated from the maelstrom informative and visual of these times.

Augusto Metztli a contributor to felt a kinship with Deke because at one point this artist published the smallest circulation magazine in Mexico.  He printed about 40 copies per issue.  But his publication made its way into museums, galleries and other institutions and was considered influential.

Of Deke, he wrote:  Deke Duncan, for decades he was the radio host with the smallest audience in the world: one person, his wife. His radio station was listened to in his living room, he broadcast from a studio in his garden.

Augusto did an excellent job of capturing his kindred spirit Deke. we should note is a Spanish language site.

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Lee Harris

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