WLHA Now on Apple TV

Our motto at the big 64 has always been “Be There!” and lately that means being on all the distribution platforms onto which we can wheedle our way.  This includes, iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa and Google Home plus ye olde timey website.   Now WLHA is also available on Apple TV.

This is courtesy of a free third-party app called Radio.net.  You can download it from the app store in your Apple TV

Once you’ve got it installed all you need do is search for WLHA:

There we are right next to WLHC whatever the heck that is.

Oh, Radio.net also has an Android app that works on Android TV platforms like Firestick and FireCube.  Its a little different:

It doesn’t seem to display the now playing metadata.  Also, our legal department may need to have a word with “Mix 105 LHA”.  Seems like an infringement.

We are now considering a better designed WLHA specific TVoS app that would incorporate more station information and also accommodate our occasional video productions.

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Lee Harris

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