Set an Alexa Alarm for WLHA

You can now tell Alexa to wake you up to WLHA.  It’s very easy – just say “Alexa set an alarm for WLHA”.  Alexa will then ask what time you want the alarm to go off and which days of the week.  You can get very precise about that.  That’s all there is to it.  […]

WLHA Welcomes the Buckinghams

The Buckinghams played the Performing Arts Center in Middleton Saturday night and WLHA was there in force, after helping to promote the show.  Special Correspondent Casey the K brings us up to speed: It was a very fun concert last night and WLHA was well represented. From the front row of the Mezzanine, Radio Doctor […]

WLHA at the WBA Broadcast Clinic

WLHA is a proud member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (thanks to the very influential Tom Bolger), so it was only natural that we should show for the WBA Broadcast Clinic. Here’s a report from correspondent Casey the K: Nivek, Dan Smith, and I represented WLHA at the Wisconsin Broadcast Association, “Broadcast Clinic” Engineering conference […]

WLHA Studios – Part 9

Today’s stop on the grand tour of WLHA studios finds us in New York City, home of WLHA East, which oddly enough is the main master control center for WLHA.  Almost all programming is fed through this over-engineered facility just a few blocks from the original Radio City in Rockefeller Center.  Click any picture to […]

WLHA Studios – Part 8

Welcome to WLHA North, our newest studio.  In fact it is so new that it’s not even online yet.   We’re waiting for high speed fiber optic internet to be installed, which could happen any day now. or might not happen until next year.  Either way it’s going to be great for Casey the K and […]

WLHA Studios – Part 7

Today we visit WLHA’s hottest studio.  That’s because it is located in the greater Phoenix area, home to Andy Arns since the early 80’s.   Andy of course is a veteran party/club DJ in addition to being an accomplished radio broadcaster so his studio setup reflects that. More Posts for Show: Andy Arns

WLHA Studios – Part 6

Today’s WLHA Studio Tour takes us to another Madison location.  It’s not Elm Drive B, it’s Studio BB, aka Bolger’s Basement, where veteran broadcaster Tom Bolger crafts “artisanal radio” using original ingredients passed down through the generations – by which we mean two turntables and a microphone.   Unlike all the other WLHA studios Tom’s setup […]

WLHA Studios – Part 5

In our previous episodes we’ve seen some pretty elaborate studios, or at least studios crammed full of old radio broadcasting gear.  Peter Bolger takes a different approach to his studio design.  He’s a firm believer in minimalism.  His Beaverton, Oregon studio doubles as the dining room table when he is not broadcasting.   His rig consists […]

WLHA Studios – Part 4

Welcome to the Wisconsin studio from which emanates the Stan Lewis Show on Thursday evenings on the Big 64,   We have some very cool classic gear on display here, if not necessarily in use.  Let’s start with the fabulous McMartin B502 stereo console from the early to mid-70s.  This was a good sounding and attractive […]