WLHA On Apple CarPlay!

WLHA is now a button on the modern day car radio – Apple CarPlay.  We’ve updated the WLHA iOS app so that WLHA now appears as a button alongside your other CarPlay enabled apps: There we are right next to WMAL and WTOP (the highest billing radio station in America!) If you don’t see WLHA […]

A Fun Way to Listen to WLHA

While we work on getting the WLHA iOS app to work with CarPlay here’s a fun alternative.   RadioApp simulates the fun of tuning an old analog radio while pulling in WLHA and other streams: In this video we see what happens if you tune the Wisconsin radio dial: The tuning sound effects are especially great.  […]

A New Way to Hear WLHA

WLHA was once of the most difficult radio stations to receive.  In fact outside of the Lakeshore Dorms there was no way to receive it.  But now WLHA is one the easiest stations to receive with apps for iOS and Android as well as Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.  Another way to receive WLHA an […]

WLHA Now on Apple TV

Our motto at the big 64 has always been “Be There!” and lately that means being on all the distribution platforms onto which we can wheedle our way.  This includes, iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa and Google Home plus ye olde timey website.   Now WLHA is also available on Apple TV. This is courtesy of a […]