WLHA Weekend on WSUM a HUGE Success

By Casey the K

To quote more than a few of the WLHA alumni, “What a fun weekend!”

I wish I could adequately convey the intensely positive feelings that all of the WLHA folks enjoyed at WSUM this past weekend. As they dispersed to fly or drive home, all of them remarked about how great it felt to set aside their adult lives and immerse themselves in WLHA once again. In terms of experiencing the fun we all associate with our student radio memories, it truly was like time travel. It was a treat to see big kids enjoying the magic of radio just like we did decades ago. To do so in the beautiful facilities of WSUM, with an enthusiastic and playful listening audience was just terrific.

In the course of the weekend we heard from listeners around the country who were WLHA alumni we had not met previously, and now have added them to our alumni roster. We also heard from people who listened to WLHA decades ago and it was a rare treat to hear them talk about the station from the listener perspective.

All of the WSUM managers and staffers we met were warm and enthusiastic and we owe them all a huge thank you for opening their station to us so generously. To Kelsey, Natalie, Laura, Sophia, Chali, Zach, Shane and all of the staffers who gave up their weekend show slots for us, or gave up their weekend to come in to assist and support us, we are deeply grateful.

I hope the listeners will foregive us for depriving them of their regular programming. We had the opportunity to speak with many of them and it was fun to hear how enthusiastic they were about WSUM. You are all clearly doing things that they like.

Thank You,

Kevin Peckham
Kevin Ruppert
Andy Arns
Lee Harris
Dr. Chris Kammer
Dennis Krause
Tim Brickner
Tom Baer
Tom Weeden
Ginger Alberts Goral
Nancy Eichelberger
Chuck Bader
Dick Bruss
Joe Allison
Scott Collins
John Miller

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