WLHA Welcomes the Buckinghams

The Buckinghams played the Performing Arts Center in Middleton Saturday night and WLHA was there in force, after helping to promote the show.  Special Correspondent Casey the K brings us up to speed: It was a very fun concert last night and WLHA was well represented. From the front row of the Mezzanine, Radio Doctor […]

WLHA at the WBA Broadcast Clinic

WLHA is a proud member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association (thanks to the very influential Tom Bolger), so it was only natural that we should show for the WBA Broadcast Clinic. Here’s a report from correspondent Casey the K: Nivek, Dan Smith, and I represented WLHA at the Wisconsin Broadcast Association, “Broadcast Clinic” Engineering conference […]

Special Christmas Feature on WLHA

This holiday season WLHA will be featuring Chick Powers and his feature “The Inside Stories Behind the Christmas Songs”.  Chick has interviews with people like Jay Livingston who wrote “Silver Bells”, Johnny Marks who wrote “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and Sammy Cahn who wrote “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”.  You will […]

WLHA Jock-O-Lanterns!

For Halloween fun, we invited listeners to “carve us up” for Halloween, by creating Jack-O-Lanterns in the likeness of WLHA jocks, thus becoming WLHA Jock-O-Lanterns. Even the staff got into it.  See if you can identify which Jock-O-Lantern goes with which air personality.  Some are easy, and some are tricky. Tune in Monday morning on […]

Get Your WLHA Mic Flag!

There’s a guy selling them on eBay.  Actually he will sell you a mic flag with the call letters of your choice, but we are proud that he has chosen to feature WLHA instead of any of the usual suspects like NBC, CBS, or WLS.  Seen here is the flag for the RCA 77D series,  […]

Deke Duncan: Suitable for Framing

This work of art featuring our own Deke Duncan was found on boreal.com, which describes itself as a website that narrates reality with illustrations, where illustrators and correspondent illustrators draw current events that they consider most relevant, with the intention of remembering, reflecting and stopping for 24 hours on a topic, an idea, isolated from […]

WBA Salutes WLHA

WLHA is a proud member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.  Don’t ask us how we got in.  Anyway they wrote up a nice article on WLHA and you can see it here: Radio veterans resurrect student radio station online

Ch. 15 Profiles Tom Bolger

WMTV stopped by Tom Bolger’s home studio just before his first show in 65 years to chat about his plan to get into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest regularly scheduled DJ. We’re not sure why Tom got on their radar although it might have had something to do with him […]

WLHA Back on BBC Radio 5 Live

Radio 5 invited Casey and Deke back for a look back at 2020 and also a look ahead to what Deke and WLHA have in store for the new year. When it comes to American radio there is no question that the BBC counts on WLHA to “be there” when they call. Listen to the […]

Being There! at the BBC

Casey the K writes: Dan Breenan is the host of the afternoon show on BBC 5 radio.  Dan had us on his show a few months ago as one of the first BBC interviews focused on Deke Duncan joining WLHA.  This was a couple of days ahead of the BBC Breakfast TV show.  I sent him […]