Just one more week until 2017 Halloween Show

A week from right now, Friday the 20th, the 2017 Halloween broadcast should be in full swing.  Hope you can join in for some wild, and foolish WLHA fun.  If you are local, come over in person.  If far away, listen in and call in.  We love hearing from far flung WLHA folks and friends.

Here’s the lineup plan.
     We hope to start streaming at 4 PM with a warm up lead-in show from the upstairs studio between 4 and 6 PM.  This is likel to feature Charlie Brown, Brian Carter the Radio Doctor, and not one, but two jocks named Jack.  One is a starship captain and the other named after a sausage company.
At 6 PM we will tie in the downstairs studio and add a bunch of familiar voices to the affair.  Right now, it looks like 25-30 WLHA former and current staffers will converge on the Fitchburg studio to help us make this thing festive, plus several alums planning to link in from remote locations around the country.
Will there be live music?   Heck yeah!  The Stormin Norman Band will be with us for the first half, followed by Straight Eight, and an ad-hoc group of musicians coming in to help us do several parodies and some original tunes. There is even a rumor that the LHA horns might even show up to insure that the roof fully comes off this place.  And I haven’t even mentioned live spooky therimen yet, but yeah, we will have that too.
It is all thrillingly live with no net, so there are sure to be some spectacular crashes, race fans.
Hope you can Be There with us.
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