2017 Halloween Show is coming up soon. Oct. 20th Be There.

It is coming up in less than two weeks! The eighth annual WLHA Halloween Party Broadcast. This time it is on a FRIDAY night, Oct. 20th. We will start the fun about 4 PM central time and run until at least 11 PM. Right now, we have almost thirty people planning to join us here in Madison, with many more staff alums joining in from around the country. Lots of fun stuff planned for this one with some special reports, several new sponsors and live music from at least three groups. The Stormin Norman Band, Straight Eight, and Beaver Skull will Be There and we have some new parody songs to attempt. Might even be an appearance by The LHA Horns. So mark it on your calendars in big bold lettering. WLHA show BE THERE! and call in to join in if you can.

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