WLHA Studios – Part 8

Welcome to WLHA North, our newest studio.  In fact it is so new that it’s not even online yet.   We’re waiting for high speed fiber optic internet to be installed, which could happen any day now. or might not happen until next year.  Either way it’s going to be great for Casey the K and his many visitors in St. Germain, WI about 250 miles north of Madison.  Click to enlarge any photo.

Check out this view from the studio:

The view is unobstructed because the studio is on the deck (at least some of the time).

Here’s Tom “Readin'” Weeden taking the facilities for a test drive as he admires the view.

A closer look a the facilities.  The sharp-eyed will notice an Allen and Heath mixer and a Crown D40 amplifier which WLHA North can crank up to entertain the neighbors by sending our patented super secret hum frequency rippling over the surface of the lake.

And don’t worry neighbors – WLHA North is fully equipped for night time operation into the wee hours of the morning.

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Lee Harris

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