WLHA Studios – Part 4

Welcome to the Wisconsin studio from which emanates the Stan Lewis Show on Thursday evenings on the Big 64,   We have some very cool classic gear on display here, if not necessarily in use.  Let’s start with the fabulous McMartin B502 stereo console from the early to mid-70s.  This was a good sounding and attractive console in its day.  This and its 8 channel big brother were found at stations like WMAD and WYXE and quite a few other facilities around Wisconsin.   Stan also had what appears to be a Shure SM7 mic feeding one of four Symetric 528e processors.  This is a time tested mic processor still in use at many stations around the country.   There’s a Shure M67 mixer in the rack above the WLHA AM Optimod which I am pretty sure has been retired from use.   And if you need to get hold of Stan just dial his red Bathphone and put in a request.   Nice plant Stan – thanks for letting us have a peek.

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Lee Harris

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