WLHA Does It Again!



With the production values of network television (by which we mean Dumont, circa 1953) WLHA’s Halloween Spooktacular was our greatest extravaganza to date with a cast of 30+ broadcasters, musicians and hangers on (not to mention craft services whipping up two kinds of chili!).

The screenshots here are captured from the HD broadcast as received on a 40 inch screen in New York.   Worked even better than our 25 watt LPB transmitter.

Audience reaction was outstanding.   Megan@thewatson4.com wrote:

Hello, I am currently enjoying your Halloween broadcast, but I am having trouble hearing your upstairs band, TBurns and the Bommerangs.

There is a very strong echo- more pronounced on the side view. Perhaps the mic is picking up the monitor?

We learn something with every show Meg.

Thanks for writing and stay tuned for the reruns.


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Lee Harris

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