Halloween Show coming up fast

Wow, 10/14 already, so time for an update. It’s really getting close now. We’re only TWO weeks out from the WLHA Halloween show and party. To help get into the “spirit” of our Halloween show I hope you clicked on the promo above. But woah. Pretty scary stuff.

Big 64 engineers are now busy wrestling with software problems, installing cameras, hanging lights, putting fresh tubes in the H.U.M. generator and greasing the turntables. Mrs. The K has been busy cooking up tasty things for the party and decorating the WLHA lounge. (I heard we might have TWO kinds of chili this year). The Graphics Dept. has just finished preparing over 100 brand new slides to augment the 300 WLHA Hallween graphics left over from previous years. The Sales Dept. has out done themselves lining up new sponsors, selling live copy spots and naming rights for each of the studios, Al’s helicopter, Nivek’s theremin and even the big red “On Air” light. I think it’s getting a little out of control, and I don’t mean the control room. The Sales Mgr. told me that even moments of dead air are sponsored this year. He said we can make a mint on all of those avails. The talent coordinators are lining up musicial groups and all over town musicians are learning new songs for the show. Stupid Stereo Steve is working hard to come up with merchandise to give bikes away with.

The excitement during these last couple of ramp up weeks is pretty hard to contain. Circle that date, Oct 28th, so you can Be There with us.

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Casey The K


  1. There’s a remote possibility I will have to do my portion of the show from China, but whatever.
    The important thing is to BE THERE. Wherever there happens to be.

  2. Wouldn’t be the first time we linked you in from China. As the WLHA promotional slogan says, “Our roving reporters span the globe to bring you the best radio our sponsors can support”.

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