Audio Replay of WLHA 2017 Halloween Show now posted

In spite of overwhelming popular demand, the audio aircheck of the Oct. 20th 2017 WLHA Halloween Show is now available for your listening and snickering pleasure and will remain posted for just a limited time, so grab it while you can.  If you missed part of the live show or just want to go back and check to make sure it was not just some bizarre dream, it is all here in sparkling stereo fidelity, complete with WLHA trademark Harmonic Undulating Modulation. Got a long road or air trip in your future?  Here is all the traveling entertainment you need to pass the hours happily.

We have this split up into a few rather large chunks you can download and listen to for many hours of WLHA fun within the privacy of your headphones.  Or let it all hang out, and play it loud over your stereo so the neighbors can hear.

1) Warm up show from 4 PM to 5 PM with Capt. Jack at the controls, playing some tunes for the season to get everyone in a Halloween spirit.

2)  Then we transitioned to Jack Wardinski from about 5 to 6 PM continuing with a music show

3) A little after 6 PM we launched the main event with lots of other WLHA radio folks plus Capt. Al, Steve Bailey, and the Stormin Norman Band doing some live parody tunes.   This link goes to the the first half of the main event running until just after 9 PM and includes live remote reports from Andy Arns, Wild Bruce and also Lee Harris.

4) The second half of the main event ran until almost Midnight and featured live parody music from The Straight Eights and also Frank Lee and the Frank Brothers Band.  You will also hear even more from Wild Bruce and Andy, and a true story that is truly scary from Crazy Nancy as the closing feature at the end of the show.

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