WLHA Welcomes Deke Duncan

Tune in Sunday morning for the debut of “Uncle Deke” Duncan on The Big 64. Join Lee Harris 7AM – 10 AM for a look back at the days of off-shore pirate radio stations, such as Radio Caroline, and an introductory interview with Deke for some personal memories of those exciting days. Then at 10 AM, (3 PM BST) experience the fun of exactly that sort of radio with Deke on WLHA. Deke is even making news back in the UK on the BBC!

US radio station signs Hertfordshire’s ‘one listener’ shed DJ Deke Duncan

It’s the closest thing to BEING THERE, and we always want you to BE THERE!

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Lee Harris


  1. I’d like to listen to this but, being in the UK, am confused about the TIME of the program! Is “10AM” UK time (BST) or Wisconsin time?!

    • 10 AM U.S. Central time. Deke is on at 4 PM in U.K. time except in the one week following the time change in U.K. (Deke will be on at 3 PM U.K. time for the 10/25 show)

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