WLHA Studios – Part 10

Today we pay a visit to the Greater Milwaukee Soundcentre Studios of WLHA, home to the Radio Doctor and Nurse DJ.

We will let the doctor explain it:   “The Greater Milwaukee Soundcentre Studios comes from my junior high days, when I (like many young radio fans) was building small radio kits and transmitters and dreaming of the day when perhaps I could too participate in the magical world of radio. The setup in these pictures has been temporarily reduced on scale, as my work from home setup is just off camera nearby. For a while the studio Technics CD players and turntables are stored until a possible new studio location will be built. The Nurse, “identity closely guarded”, sometimes joins from the guest chair here and we will share coffee and treats, especially during the Christmas Special.  I did not include a picture of the 1000’ transmission tower we received permission to build because it is cloaked in “stealth technology. “
Some of the doctor’s fine open reel equipment.  The mics here are the AKG P220 and the Audio Technica ATR2100.  Fans of the Radio Doctor Show know that this is a great sounding studio.  
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Lee Harris

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