WLHA Resurrection Weekend a Huge Success

Thanks again to the folks at WSUM for letting us take over the facilities for an entire weekend.



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See you again next July!

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Lee Harris


  1. What a great bunch of WLHA veterans we gathered for this 64 hour BIG 64 reunion weekend. Super cool to see WLHA jocks in new WLHA Tee Shirts out staffing the downtown remote, doing live interviews and quizzing civilians out at the Art Fair on the Square, State Street, and the Union Terrace, and taking lots of live calls and even live visitors back at the studio. WLHA was very much resurrected, very alive and vibrant thanks to the kindness of the WSUM FM folks who graciously stepped aside for an intense three day weekend to let the old folks take over their radio station.

    We always joke that most groups organize reunions, print up name tags and get together for picnics or parties and tell old stories to each other. The WLHA people actually get together and DO what brought us all together in the first place. We DO RADIO and have a lot of fun doing it.

    Each year it gets a bit more action packed and ambitious and we are already making plans to raise the bar even higher next time.

    Thanks to the 26 WLHA alumni who took part in the event this year.

    If you missed it and would like to hear what it sounded like, just follow the links below to hear the air checks.

    Friday 1 PM to 5 PM RJ Reynolds and then Jack Wardynski

    Friday 5PM to 9 PM Capsule intro, then Tom Weeden, Group Show

    Friday 9 PM to Midnight Capt Jack plus a live visitor to Starship 64

    Sat. 6:15 AM to 11 AM Casey and Nivek lead into Andy, then into Eddie Bishop

    Sat. 11 AM to 4 PM Brian Carter, Remotes, John Olson

    Sat. 4 PM to 8 PM Ginger Alberts, remotes, Lee Harris at 6 PM

    Sat. 8 PM to Midnight Group Show and then Tim and Tom at 10 PM

    Sun 8:30 PM to Midnight, Group Show closing it out.

    Sun 4 PM to 8:30 PM Nivek interview show and then Charlie Brown

    Sunday 2 PM to 4 PM – T Baer and Julia quiz show

    Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM – Scott Collins, Lisa G, Kelly and Sue shows

    Sunday 5AM to 9AM which actually includes some pre-recorded material which morphs into live a bit into the program.

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