2018 Reunion Weekend on WSUM

For the past six years, WSUM FM has graciously invited WLHA alums to take over the station and program it as a station reunion on WSUM, complete with old station jingles, trivia contests,  and all of the fun tongue-twisting bogus sponsors we are famous for.  For 2018, we brought in a full control room of antique broadcast equipment so that we could draw attention to seven decades of student radio at U.W. Madison.  In what he described as a radio equivelent to a Civil War reinactment, Lee did his entire show free of any modern digital equipment, relying exclusively on the tube Gates Yard console, turntables, cart machines, and antique RCA ribbon mics. The result was sufficiently interesting to draw the attention of TV station WISC.  Both WISC and WMSN featured the WLHA Reunion story in their Sat. evening newscasts.

Check it out here:



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